New investment- CNC plasma cutting MultiTherm 4000 production by Messer

The new investment of ZUGIL S.A. MultiTherm 4000 Messer production is already in Wieluń.  MultiTherm 4000 is a fully automatic CNC plasma cutting machine.


The Volleyball Giants’ Charity Tournament 5-7.10.2018 in Wieluń

Besides of production for global brands, ZUGIL is primarily a local company, whose employees actively engage in actions organized for the residents of the Wieluń commune. As an employer, we feel responsible for the local community. We care about good relations with the inhabitants of our commune and that is why we are happy to cooperate in the organization of events such as the Volleyball Giants.

The high school class under the patronage of ZUGIL S.A.

3 September 2018, the first school year started of our patronage Class in Reymont High School in Wielun, in field of: CNC Operator .

CNC Operator is very occupation wanted on the work market. Today’s  specialists should have a wide range of qualifications to servicing of more and more modern machines. Therefore, the CNC Operator is a broad profile profession, combining the skills of a turner, milling machine, grinder and operator of machining centers. The CNC Operator supports and supervises universal, semi-automatic and automatic machine such as: lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinders, CNC machines.

Electromagnetic calorimeter at a research center in Darmstadt- Germany

Our newest realization the construction of the main electromagnetic calorimeter frame is responsible for fixing more than 970 rectangular modules made of lead crystal with a total weight of about 15 tons.

The whole device an electromagnetic calorimeter, is used to measure the radiation emitted from a very small piece of nuclear matter produced in the collision of atomic nuclei accelerated to speed near light velocity.

The device will be part of a measurement system called HADES (from the Greek God of the underworld!) – web site www-hades.gsi.de) and located in the International research Center FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Reaserch near Darmstadt, Germany (www.fair-center.eu). The construction was designed by scientists from the Jagiellonian University and Cracow University of Technology (the persons responsible for the project are Prof. Piotr Salabura and Prof. Edward Lisowski) and made at ZUGIL S.A.