Electromagnetic calorimeter at a research center in Darmstadt- Germany

Our newest realization the construction of the main electromagnetic calorimeter frame is responsible for fixing more than 970 rectangular modules made of lead crystal with a total weight of about 15 tons.

The whole device an electromagnetic calorimeter, is used to measure the radiation emitted from a very small piece of nuclear matter produced in the collision of atomic nuclei accelerated to speed near light velocity.

The device will be part of a measurement system called HADES (from the Greek God of the underworld!) – web site www-hades.gsi.de) and located in the International research Center FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Reaserch near Darmstadt, Germany (www.fair-center.eu). The construction was designed by scientists from the Jagiellonian University and Cracow University of Technology (the persons responsible for the project are Prof. Piotr Salabura and Prof. Edward Lisowski) and made at ZUGIL S.A.