You will find our machines, equipment and process lines here:



Production Capacity:

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ZUGIL S.A. provides welding various structures, from small to the large-size ones. Ability to make heavy structures is our strength. Our lifting capacity allows for the production of structures with a unit weight of up to 50t (for structures that do not require mechanical treatment) and up to 30t (for structures subject to mechanical treatment).

We provide production and auxiliary departments which are necessary for the proper functioning of the plant. Extensive professional experience of our managers and production staff are the key features of our production capacity. We render our services with the use our own materials or those provided by the Client.

Technology department provides technical support in the production processes carried out on site. Our engineers use CAD/CAM software and other technological and IT tools necessary to prepare and supervise production processes.

ZUGIL prides itself on a highly developed production technology:

Production preparation

We provide cutting operations with laser and gas cutters, guillotine shears and band saws. Mechanical and thermal bevelling operations can be performed simultaneously. Then the elements are put on the press and after they are straightened, they are bent to a certain radius. Then the details prepared are forwarded to the assembly departments.


Welding is the main production technology at ZUGIL S.A. Our eligibility in this technology is confirmed by up-to-date WPQR protocols, compliant with selected parts of the PN-EN ISO 15614 international standard. We employ hand or automated welding methods. The following welding technologies are used:

– MAG – arc welding in active gas shielding with solid electrode wire (135) – a method characterized by high welding speed and efficiency.

– Arc welding in active gas shielding with flux-cored electrode wire (136) – a method characterized by even higher welding speed and efficiency compared to the method 135, ensuring slower welded joint cooling.

– Active gas shielded welding with metallic core electrode wire (138) – a method characterized by a speed and efficiency of welding comparable to 136 method.

– TIG – arc welding with non-consumable tungsten electrode with an addition of solid wire/ bar (141) – a method characterized by high accuracy of the welded joint, aesthetics and metallurgical purity of the weld.

Mechanical Working

We provide the following chip steel machining services:

– turning on centre lathes

– turning on turning and boring lathes

– CNC boring of structures and components

– milling

– drilling


We are able to assemble our own elements or to perform assembly works and complete deliveries with assembling the elements entrusted by Clients. In order to provide comprehensive deliveries of welded structures and their assembly on site, we are continuously developing our services.

Surface preparation, protection and painting

In the final stage of production, structures and machines are subject to surface finishing by manual and automatic blasting in blasting chambers, washing and anti-corrosion coatings application. We use appropriate types of paint and painting systems in accordance with the Clients’ requirements. A specially prepared painting chamber allows us to apply coatings in the hydrodynamic and pneumatic processes.

Quality Control

We employ qualified personnel for NDT testing, certified in accordance with the EN 473 standard in:

– VT-2 visual testing

– PT-2 penetration testing

– MT-2 magnetic-particle inspection

– UT-2 ultrasonic testing