We are the leading manufacturer of painting chambers, with many years of experience in the industry. Painting chambers are widely used in various industrial branches. Our equipment allows to increase efficiency in applying protective coatings and to improve occupational health and safety. LED technology, widely used in workstation lighting, allows for significant energy savings during the operation of our equipment.



Our offer includes:


Painting chambers for application of liquid paints


Equipped with spray booths in an open or closed version, with dry or wet filtration – according to the Client’s specifications and needs.

Such painting chambers are mainly used when a high quality coating is required but powder and furnace paints cannot be used. The method of painting with liquid paints is most often used for:


  • arge details which cannot be dried in a furnace due to their dimensions or character, such as: car bodies, large tanks, process tanks, carriages, frames, platforms, traverses, steel structures and various machine parts.
  • elements which are not resistant to high temperature, such as all kinds of plastics, wood, resins, rubbers etc.



The process of painting with liquid consists in spraying a detail with a compressed air stream using application devices. Sticking to the surface of the painted object, the paint particles form a protective, anti-corrosion or decorative layer, depending on the needs and effect we want to achieve. After coating with paint, the surface must be protected in a drying process during which the solvents or water, depending on the type of paint used, evaporate. This process can be carried out in an open space (in designated areas) or in a dryer which significantly shortens the time of treatment of the painted detail.





Powder coating chambers


They are equipped with single and double-stand cabins operated by operators. Cabins can also be equipped with manipulators or paint robots.



Such chambers are most often used in a large-scale production of various details, such as packaging, boxes, fence panels, poles, small constructions, process tanks, heaters, machine bodies and parts, all kinds of glass, plastic or composite elements.



The powder coating process involves applying electrically charged paint particles to an earthed object with the use of application devices. Paint particles settle on the surface of the painted object to form an airtight protective, anti-corrosion or, depending on the thickness of the coating, insulating layer. Then the object goes to the furnace, where the paint particles are polymerized (melted and hardened) at a high temperature and create a uniform surface.


Surface preparation and control stations


These are stands used to prepare details before the painting process. At this stage, details are usually subject to degreasing, grinding, masking. Additionally, after the painting process, the paint coating can be checked and corrected there, if necessary.


Our offer includes:

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  • reconstruction and modernization of existing painting lines of all types – according to the Client’s specifications and requirements


We provide a comprehensive implementation of any order, including:


  • consultation services and execution of the Client’s individual project
  • manufacturing of designed equipment
  • assembly and commissioning of the equipment
  • warranty and post-warranty service.