Surface preparation equipment is widely used in many industrial facilities. It can be used as a stand-alone equipment for the so called inter-operational cleaning, e.g. after mechanical treatment and before maintenance, painting, etc., or as a part of process lines built into a sequence of devices and connected with a transport system. There are particularly important requirements for surface preparation in the paint shops. In order to optimize the process, we provide various combinations of our equipment.



Our production range includes the following devices:


  • one or two-treatment (e.g. degreasing and rinsing) spray chamber cleaners
  • immersion chamber cleaners
  • tunnel, multi-purpose washers, (e.g. degreasing, rinsing, drying, etc.)
  • multi-purpose tunnels for phosphating (e.g. degreasing, phosphating, rinsing, drying)
  • manual washing chambers, spray washing chambers where the pressure equipment is used for washing


Depending on the needs, all our devices can be equipped with filtration system, pumping and spraying system, heating system, ventilation system, power supply and control systems.



There is an optimal technological transport solution used in our equipment for each specific case. Devices can be equipped with:


  • mechanical or manual suspended transport
  • mechanical or manual transport on a belt conveyor


In order to ensure optimal quality of surface preparation, we cooperate with leading manufacturers of chemicals who help us to match the technology appropriate for individual cases. We design our equipment taking into account the needs, location conditions and technical capabilities of our Clients.