About us


Thanks to the ownership of technical and economical potential, we are the leader of national market within range of equipment and electroplating lines production as well as a large manufacturer of machine and building constructions for the most demanding customers from all over the world.

In our company the most important is the customer – his needs, satisfaction, safety. Our employees, having the above in mind, seek to achieve following aims and observe the rules such as:

  • creativity on every workstation,
  • care of the company’s business,
  • innovativeness within technical and organizational range,
  • monitoring and verifying the made aims and tasks,
  • conducting the above actions with proper carefulness of the natural environment and safety,
  • your company develops thanks to our work, we are developing thanks to you



    Sebastian Kliciński

               Prezes Zarządu


1948National Venture of Tractors and Agricultural Machines is coming into being
1960Manufacturing of the first paint spray booth for the Bicycle Factory in Bydgoszcz
1966The venture obtains a new name: "Zakłady Urządzeń Galwanicznych i Lakierniczych" (manufacturing plants of painting and electroplating lines)
1972Building of a paint shop for the Car Factory in Bielsko-Biała
1976Expansion of a manufacturing plant – the first modern production hall is coming into being
1985The Gold Medal from the Poznań International Fair for the painting line „COMPACT”
1988The Gold Medal from the Poznań International Fair for crankshaft washing machine
1992Mass Privatisation Programme affiliation
1994ISO 9001 certificate obtaining
1998Expansion of the manufacturing plant – modern hot dip galvanizing plant is coming into being
2001Building of a cataphoretical paint shop for Ferruform-Scania
Building of the sports hall in Włocławek
2003GWARANT holding company affiliation
Signing a contract with Volvo for manufacturing and delivery of building machines elements to Korea
2004A contract for delivery of preparing and painting surfaces line for ALO-UMEA
2006Galvanizing line for LINZ Austria
2008Building of cataphoretical paint shop for VOLVO Hallsberg
New production hall is coming into being
2009Provide of painting devices for Belarusian Railway
2010Attendance on PaintExpo trade fair in Karlsruhe
Provide of painting line elements for Volskwagen Bratislava Plant
2011Establishing a cooperation with Sandvik Finland company for delivery of machine elements
2012Signing a contract with Cargotec Corporation
2015Change of shareholders, exclusion from GWARANT group
reation of a non-resident branch in Ozimek on the base of the infrastructure bought from Małapanew Maszyny i Konstrukcje partnership.
Manufacturing of cataphoretical paint shop elements for Volkswagen Poland
2016Manufacturing of heating and cooling units for Daimler Chrysler
2017Provide elements of a sheet metal manufacturing line for ArcerolMittal in Belgium


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Our main aims are:

  • Satisfying needs and demands of our client
  • Decreasing costs with keeping the planned level of quality
  • Keeping in country the rank of the leading company in projecting, production and completion of technological devices for applying anti-corrosion coating
  • Development of technology and spreading production possibilities

Striving toward our stated goals, at the same time, we are building an image of a company, for which carefulness for natural environment and human are important aspects of everyday activity.

Working in Environmental Management System and OHS framework we declare:

  • Conducting production processes in a way in such a way that negative influence on environment at the place of their generation is reduced.
  • Preventing pollutant emission to natural environment
  • Preventing accidents, industrial diseases

By conducting activities in an organized way we strive towards generating products and services in the highest quality, whilst abiding law regulations and others involving the company, guaranteeing safe and ergonomic terms and conditions for all employees according to owned infrastructural and financial resources.

We are fulfilling our aims and planned results by continuous improving the integrated management system according to the norms: ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015, PN-N-18001- and PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007.

Carrying out training courses and instructions serves the increase of awareness and responsibility for meaning of the quality, environment protection and OHS among employees, their satisfaction and their identification with the company.

The policy above is understandable, implemented and kept on all of its levels and Top Management guarantees sources and personal involvement for its implementation.

For the quality, environmental , OHS policy and their implementation and verification responsible is the President of the Board of “ZUGIL”.